sunny place for shadowy people

How do we want to live? Dealing with that question could open a lot of main doors –
leading to a contented (happy) life and dignity. But a little side
door is creaking: Light (sun) is often used as a plain symbol of
life. Shade, however, has more complex connotations (mainly immoral
tendencies): 'shady' (dodgy, dubious, doubtful, indecent) or
'shadowy' (mysterious, arcane, cryptic)? I think of people who are
considered 'shady' - often the so-called outsiders or mavericks - but
who are talented (and even ingenious) people, individuals that live
the Kantian categorial imperative, persons who probably feel
contented in their everyday lifes while struggling with or being
surrounded by our omnipresent enemy 'Social Acceleration' (Rosa
2005). I would call them (lovingly) 'shadowy'.