BOGDAN BOGDANOVIć 2013/14, Beograd_VI/2013_Zürich_VII/2014

Jasenovac, scene of uninterrupted atrocities in the 1940s, was one the last officially uncommemorated places of its kind in Europe. Facing international expectations, the former communist but now non-aligned nation planed a commemoration project. As most of the proposals echoed enshrined nationalistic statements, a non-conformist thinker and architect was chosen for the task. Bogdan Bogdanović (1922, Belgrad/2010,Vienna) – architect, essayist, and urbanist, rooted in metaphysics surrealism, “created one of the most striking memorial places in Europe: imposing and reconciliatory, molded into the landscape, supranational” (Archleitner, 2013). Impressed by his (almost daunting) design but also by his books, I decided to explore his architectural works during three trips to former Yugoslavia (2013/14). Far from presenting a synopsis of his work, my pictures focus on what I found to be most fascinating.

 Translation: Norbert Sander